Farmers are doing more...

Farmers are undoubtedly doing more, working together, and often contributing their own money and time, to address local issues such as weeds and feral pests, soil condition and water management. In recent times, there have been over 16 000* first time participants in NRM, many of whom are farmers - learning and delivering projects as part of the National Landcare Program**.

‘The structure and arrangements for working with farmers differ across the seven NRM Regions in WA, both because of the different commodities and land use, and the regional differences in soil, water, climate and people.

Kaylene Parker, Albany free-range pig farmer, said ‘South Coast NRM has provided me the opportunity to learn about my soil health and how I can use this to increase my production, profitability and long term sustainability. They have also provided me access to funding and resources to help improve my farm.’

‘I hope this groundswell of effort by farmers for the environment is continued in the future, and we can build on current achievements. To sustain this activity we need continued government investment and greater coordination both across government, and with the independent regional NRM organisations’.

The five year NLP (building on previous) has enabled:

  • Development of collaborations and partnerships across regions and with industry and landholder groups. Regional NRM organisations play a key role in bringing these elements together.
  • The information across trials is shared via a web site showing all the Ag trials in WA-
  • The WA stats in delivering on the program through the seven regions in WA– several exceeding targets by an order of magnitude.

For examples (from November 16 figures)*:

  • 870 724 area of land (ha) changed to sustainable practices
  • 1 396 749 area of land (ha) on which improved practices have been implemented
  • 1212 number of farming entities adopting sustainable practice change
  • 246 number of colonies of pest animals destroyed
  • 16521 number of new participants


27 February 2017 *

‘MERIT system’ Atlas of Living Australia

**NLP 2014-2018